Ad Hoc

March 2019 - Present
Ad Hoc was founded by members of the rescue team. It aims to build fast, stable, and well-designed digital services for the U.S. government. I'm part of the team working on

Best Buy

December 2018 - February 2019
Front end development for Best Buy's main e-commerce website.

Sprout Social

March 2017 - August 2018
I worked on the Reporting Squad for Sprout. Highlights include updating core reports to a more modern React+Redux architecture, adding description states for missing data scenarios, and updating an outdated React-Dates fork across the entire Sprout app.


July 2015 - February 2017
Starting out as a Solutions Engineer, I helped with feature refinements, market research, and writing scripts to pull/clean data. After learning web development on the side, I transitioned to the engineering side, working on a data mapping tool as part of Uptake's data pipeline management tooling.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Class of 2015
BS in Engineering Physics with minors in Computer Science, Math, and Music. The phenomenal CS program at UIUC opened up my interests into programming and helped reroute my goals post-school.